The Chester Historical Preservation Committee is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to preserving and maintaining the historic buildings and objects of the city of Chester, Pennsylvania.

Chester Historical Preservation Committee
Located at 9th and Potter Sts. in Chester, Pa. This wonderful old church from the 19th Century is in trouble with Father Time.

The CHPC was founded in 1984 when President Dave Guleke moved into his Chester home and was informed by neighbors that he now lived in Chester Baker’s house. Curious as to what that meant and to find out more of the history about his home, he visited the Chester County Historical Society.

Distressed at the poor documentation of his house and the rich history of the  surrounding area, he set out to help document and preserve the history of the city of Chester and found that others wanted to help. The Chester Historical Preservation Committee’s first event was a Victorian Christmas and the organization is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Today, the CHPC has preserved a 1916 Brill Trolley and is working to restore the 3rd Presbyterian Church at the corner of 9th and Potter Streets among other projects. Monthly meetings are currently held every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 PM at the Chester Friends Meeting. New members welcome!


David Guleke , President
Carol Fireng , Vice-President:
Randy Kobetich, Treasurer
Doris Vermeychuk, Secretary:
Helen Litwa
Bob Quay
Stephanie Ann Farra, Web and Social Mediaist


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